When you don’t write #Erotica or #YA – what then?

I received a GoodReads note from a friend the other day. I realized most of her picks were Erotica. I think there were several mentions of Fifty shades of whatever. On reading a Blog from an author I follow I noticed that everything they mentioned was for YA. Young Adults rule the reading lists. Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

Where does that leave me? A late-blooming writer finding his genre. Am I too late to the party? Should I be getting out my dictionary of 50 ways to excite your lover or an old Kama Sutra? Which to anyone from the 70’s was the original 50 shades.
Should I be hanging out at the mall, and trying to delve into the depths of the 12 to 16-year-old market. I barely understand the over 50 market, and they move somewhat slower. Although they speak with a slurred speech after multiple cocktails.

No, I have found my own field of writing. I’m calling it Eco-Terrorist Fantasy. I rather doubt if it’s a new title. It’s probably already coined somewhere. Perhaps already studied in University as a make up credit course, or as a parody on YouTube. But there it is.

My first Novella has a fantasy element, and ecological element, and a slight terrorist element to it. It’s called Dolphin Dreams, it will be available from Iguana Books, hopefully at the end of this month or early next, and no Young Adults will invent a new kingdom, and no men or women writhe in ecstasy from some form of sexual pleasure.

I realized some time ago in my writing, although it was late in life, that I have to write what excites me. What evolves around my cerebral cortex. I am sure there are many other writers like me, and reader as well.

If you’re like me, you want your fantasy somewhat grounded, just inside the realms of this planet, but with the edges blurred. I call it writing over the edges. Perhaps that’s a new genre as well – or just new to me.

I wish everyone, no matter what you write or read, a great experience with whatever you writing or reading.

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Lyle Nicholson is the author of four novels, two novellas and a short story, as well as several articles published in Canadian Magazines and Newspapers. His path to his writing was first as a terrible actor in a Johnny Cash movie, called Gospel Road. He played Andrew the Apostle and apologizes to all who see him in the movie.
He was also a disobedient monk for several years and left the monastery to work at several jobs he’d was highly unsuccessful at until he started his own sales agency, where he finally had success. This was to the delight of his wife and his mother.
He retired in 2011 and took up writing full time. He now lives with his lovely wife in Kelowna, where he writes, cooks and indulges in fine wines.