Even if you don’t like John Locke’s writing, you have to love his business sense.

I admit, I had no idea who John Locke was until about 2 years ago. I told a friend I was writing a book, and would probably self publish.

My friend asked me if I’d heard about this guy who wrote short detective novels and sold them for .99 cents, and was getting some of the largest downloads of E Books on Amazon. Strangely enough, the story my friend sent me came from a major newspaper that wrote about business and financial matters.

To this financial newspaper, the news about John Locke was that he was making so much money. They really didn’t care what he was writing about. Detective stories? Sure why not, doesn’t everyone want to write detective stories and thrillers?

Well, if you ask the critics, that would be the people who tell us what we should or should not like about what is written,they do not like John Locke. Remember, some critics never liked Shakespeare, and what literary critic would have given Mark Twain a good review in his day? They do not like John Lockes’ use of point of view, the way the talks to the reader – yes all the conventions of writing that must not be broken. Well, until someone breaks them – and they become the new norm.

What the critics may not like is John Locke has made a lot of money on his books. How does 1 Million E books in 5 months sound? That is actually the title of his book, HOW I SOLD 1 MILLION EBOOKS IN 5 MONTHS.

That book, I understand is selling well also. If you run the numbers, you realize that John Locke made more in 5 months than many people make in 5 years. I would think that would be mostly writers, and of course mostly Independent authors, such as myself.

I have a confession to make. I made absolutely squat in my writing. You can put a diddle beside that for a diddle squat as a whopping $10.00 in my first two months of my Novella being launched qualifies me in that category.

What did I do wrong? Well pretty much everything, no pre launch, no blog, no tweets – yes you get it, none of things that people like John Locke did that made them successful. But there is one more thing that John Locke did that many writers, like me, have not done. He produced about five books, then did his blog. He presented an entire series of a guy called Donovan Creed.

I have been reading the Blogs from other writers looking for more sales on the one book they wrote, and they wonder way it’s not happening, and I think John Locke gives an obvious answer. Writers need to have more than one title for readers to get a feeling of who they are, and if they want to get involved with that writer.

I couldn’t agree more. One reader, one of my few, told me last week that they liked my first book, and couldn’t wait to read more. So, I need to get busy. I doubt if I’ll ever have the success of John Locke, but we share something in common, we both have fun writing.

I suggest to any Indie Published writer, that you pick up, or download a copy of John Lockes book, HOW I SOLD 1 MILLION eBooks in 5 Months. He is very honest about his early failures, and what worked for him in his success. I have my copy. Hopefull I’ll break out of the “diddle squat,” sales category.

I wish you all great writing, numerous downloads, and great reviews.

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Lyle Nicholson is the author of four novels, two novellas and a short story, as well as several articles published in Canadian Magazines and Newspapers. His path to his writing was first as a terrible actor in a Johnny Cash movie, called Gospel Road. He played Andrew the Apostle and apologizes to all who see him in the movie.
He was also a disobedient monk for several years and left the monastery to work at several jobs he’d was highly unsuccessful at until he started his own sales agency, where he finally had success. This was to the delight of his wife and his mother.
He retired in 2011 and took up writing full time. He now lives with his lovely wife in Kelowna, where he writes, cooks and indulges in fine wines.