Deciding to write late in life

I don’t know what made me want to take up writing so late in life.  After a career in sales, and a busy life with a business, at the age of 57, I decided to write.  Why? Good question.  Perhaps all writers ask why they want to tell stories.  Some perhaps, because it’s there, just like a mountain is there to a climber, or an ocean to a sailor.

I did try to think of other things to do.  There was Real Estate Selling – too tied to a phone.  There was Investment selling – didn’t like the idea of telling other people what to do with their money.  And yes, there was starting another business.  Perhaps, I could have, like the late-blooming Colonel Saunders, wandering the world with a chicken recipe in an old Cadillac, I could find something to sell, and wander the earth with it.

But then, there are stories, and characters, and late nights tapping on the keyboard as plots reveal themselves, and one chapter leads to another.  What a wonderful thing to find this late in life.  To those still searching for their passion, or trying to find if they have a passion for writing, just give it a try.

I gave it try.  Now, at almost 60 (can’t believe I said that) I have my first Novella coming out.  Strange, if you actually get started on something, you might just finish it.