Bernadette Callahan Series

Treading Darkness - A Bernadette Callahan Short Story

One day everything changed for Corporal Bernadette Callahan of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force.

A routine chase of a stolen car in a small western Canadian town leads her into a dilemma. The suspect escapes into an abandoned mine. She hates the dark. Her overriding duty to catch the suspect and keep safe him from possible danger pushes her forward.

What happens next will push her to the edge. What she’ll find is as surprising to her as it is the reader.

This short story is taken from one day in the life of Corporal Callahan. Before she became a Detective in the Serious Crime Division of the RCMP she was struggling with a sexist commanding officer and a career that looked like it was going nowhere.

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Black Wolf Rising (Prequel to the Bernadette Callahan Mystery Series)

There was never any doubt that Bernadette Callahan would cause trouble. Her upbringing was sporadic to say the least.

In her sixteen years, she’d lived a life on the road with her parents as they pursued a dream of stardom as barroom musicians that would end with their deaths. Her father’s death was from alcohol, and her mother’s death from a broken heart.

She’d constantly be dropped off on the reservation in the far north of Canada when her father needed to go on an extended ‘bender,’ and her mother needed to chase him and try to bring him back to his senses.

In that time, Bernadette would access her native roots, her grandfather and her grandmother were her caregivers and mentors. But anger rose in Bernadette. She was quick to take offense. Her father was called a white drunk, and her mother a whore.

She lived between two worlds, that of her native mother and that of the mournful Irish balladeer that was her father. One day, that world would collide, and Bernadette would need to run.

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Polar Bear Dawn: A Detective Bernadette Callahan Mystery (Detective Bernadette Callahan of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Book 1)

Detective Bernadette Callahan of the RCMP is trying to link multiple murders in Northern Canada to ones in Alaska.

Her contact in Alaska,Detective Mueller has been given the case, but his instructions are to classify the the case as a murder/suicide. The oil companies want to bury the incident quickly. It is bad for publicity.

Callahan sees the murders differently, as an underlying plot to manipulate world oil. Her challenge is to help Mueller convince his team of detectives to dig deeper.

In order to solve the murders, Callahan must enter the strange world of Wall Street stock brokers, and their willingness to recruit anyone to exercise their greed.

This book surfs the fine line between what is possible in the world of oil manipulation and the realm of science fiction.

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Pipeline Killers: Book 2 (The Detective Bernadette Callahan Mystery Series)

Detective Bernadette Callahan of the RCMP Serious Crimes Division is called to investigate the scene of a mysterious industrial accident. A man has died near a pipeline on the outskirts of a small city in Canada. The death will lead to what at first looks like an experiment by university students that went too far. What the students thought was a prank, has become real. And their invention has the potential to wreak havoc on the world's pipelines. When terrorists steal the experiment to use as a weapon, Detective Callahan must find a way to stop it or find the only man who can.

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Stand-alone Fiction Books

Dolphin Dreams

Niklas Okkenon, a professor of electrical engineering at a small university in Finland, travels to Cancun, Mexico, to deliver a paper on new breakthroughs in wireless communications. His life has been spiraling downward with a recent divorce and fights with his teenager daughter. Niklas needs this conference and the acceptance of his paper to give credibility to both himself and his university. A series of events collide when dolphins keep Niklas awake at night with their splashing, and they soon enter his dreams. The request they make of him will change his life - if he agrees. DOLPHIN DREAMS is a novella that asks the question we might ask ourselves when we see dolphins in captivity: "What are the dolphins thinking?"

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Misdiagnosis . . . Murder

Carson Winfield has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He's just buried his wife from the same disease. He prepares for death by giving away his fortune of five million dollars. He receives a phone call. His medical results were mixed with someone else's. He doesn't have cancer, but the doctor who gave him the original diagnosis is gone-so is his five million. The police arrive with questions about the missing doctor and Carson's business dealings with him. Carson realizes he can't divulge the complete truth without incriminating himself in a deeper crime of helping to euthanize his wife. Carson has to find the doctor to answer questions about his wife's death and his missing money. Was his a real diagnosis? Or was it a misdiagnosis to cover a murder?

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Non-fiction Series

Half Brother Blues: Chasing My Mother's Ghost and Finding Her Secret Son

A ghost sends the author on a search. His mother once told him he was named after a man she knew who died during World War II.

Was this the ghost of the man who peered into authors crib in 1953? Why had he come back? His mother, now deceased, could provide no answers. The search would lead to his mother’s secret past, and that of her father’s.

This story reads like a detective novel as the author, who was working on a different story entirely, is confronted with information that leads him to doubt the relationship he had with this mother.

The novella is a tale of family intrigue and secrets kept from the sons for over 70 years, and a story of pain the mother would never divulge.

The author remarked, “I always like shows like Downton Abbey, but never knew how close my own family was to their storylines.”

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