A late blooming writer tries to balance blogging tweeting and writing

I admit, I am new to blogging and tweeting. This was something I only was made aware of at a writers conference, called When Words Collide, back in August of this year. My experience with Social Media up until that time was with Facebook. Sometime in late October I established a twitter account, then late in November, with the help of Carrie Mumford, I established a blog account, and to my dismay, my personnel writing suffered!

Yes, I was spending my time looking at other people’s tweets, who had the best, the best tips from writers, editors, and the best sayings. Then I was pouring over other people’s blogs, and really, there are some great ones. I have subscribed to several regarding other writers and their struggle to write, edit, and publish.

Then one day, it was actually last week, I realized I needed to get back to writing. I normally write 1,000 words a day, 5 to 6 days a week. It takes me about 3 to 4 hours. Sitting here, one word coming after the other, then whole scenes popping into my head. A wonderful process.

To get back to the writing process, I found I needed to find a balance between all the wonders of social media, and my own personal writing time. I finally decided that writing would take precedence, as it must. I leave the wonders of social media to one hour a day, and the concentrate on the beauty of writing the rest of the day.

This has been a great experience, and if anyone has experienced this same challenge, I would welcome your comments.

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Lyle Nicholson is the author of four novels, two novellas and a short story, as well as several articles published in Canadian Magazines and Newspapers. His path to his writing was first as a terrible actor in a Johnny Cash movie, called Gospel Road. He played Andrew the Apostle and apologizes to all who see him in the movie.
He was also a disobedient monk for several years and left the monastery to work at several jobs he’d was highly unsuccessful at until he started his own sales agency, where he finally had success. This was to the delight of his wife and his mother.
He retired in 2011 and took up writing full time. He now lives with his lovely wife in Kelowna, where he writes, cooks and indulges in fine wines.

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  1. Looking for Lyle Nicholson? Code word: Vulkan FR
    Read all of these tweets, blogs, writings, musings.
    Wondring if this is U.
    Happy 60.
    From a “just about as old” friend, Dan
    You will have to email me as I am not up to speed on social media tools.

  2. Great post, Lyle. I think this is something that most writers today struggle with. There’s only so much time in the day, and Twitter, Facebook and blogging can be huge time suckers. Thanks for sharing this — it reminded me to go write 🙂

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