A late blooming writer finds a road map for new writers with The CreativePenn.com.

I admit it, the world of Independent Publishing is daunting. I recently published a Novella through an Independent publisher, and have watched it drift aimlessly after its launch. Yes, all that excitement over the publication, and the let down of “what now?”

That seems to be a recurring theme amongst Indie Authors. The dream of being the next Fifty Shades of Grey Author (even if you don’t write Erotica) seems to slip away, as you see one lonely review of you work on Amazon or Kobo. So, where do you go for help? Is there a road map out of this wilderness of Indie Publishing, with poor sales?

I have to say, I’ve found a great resource in Joanna Penn, and her website The Creative Penn.Com . Joanna offers a tremendous help to new writers in her Author 2.0 Your BluePrint for Writing Publishing and Marketing Your Book.

I wish I would have found the site earlier. Well, actually my Blog coach, Carrie Mumford sent Joanna Penn’s website to me with a remark about what a great resource it was, and it took me 2 months to open it and review the information. No, I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box!

What I found on the Author 2.0 Blueprint is probably the best information on Indie Publishing I’ve seen. And, the best part, the site is free!

There are 57 pages of information on writing, blogging, social networking and how to market your book, and get reviews after you’ve published. There is also Joanna’s personal Pod Casts of interviews with Indie Publishers, and blogs by successful Indie Authors. Now 57 pages may not seem like much, but there are so many links to other sites, with resources referenced it took me 2 weekends to get through it all.

What I liked the most about Joanna Penn’s work, is her honesty. She published her first work some years ago, and it went nowhere. Sound familiar? Then with much research, she found what did work, applied it, and got great sales on Amazon. Now that is what I call a real success story for an Indie Author.

The site Author 2.0 also references other links, where writers can download her other books on aids for writing, and I think that’s great. I’ve found her free information so valuable, I’ve no problem with paying out 39.95 to 69.95 to get even more information on this new world of Indie Publishing.

So, do I sound like a fan? Well, yes I am. I have signed up for Joanna’s Blogs, her tweets, and I’ve found her posts to be highly informative, and exactly what I need to learn in this new world of Indie publishing. I’m sure there are many more sites out there, but as of now, I’m rather impressed by Joanna’s.

I wish all of you great writing, good reviews, and many downloads.

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Lyle Nicholson is the author of four novels, two novellas and a short story, as well as several articles published in Canadian Magazines and Newspapers. His path to his writing was first as a terrible actor in a Johnny Cash movie, called Gospel Road. He played Andrew the Apostle and apologizes to all who see him in the movie.
He was also a disobedient monk for several years and left the monastery to work at several jobs he’d was highly unsuccessful at until he started his own sales agency, where he finally had success. This was to the delight of his wife and his mother.
He retired in 2011 and took up writing full time. He now lives with his lovely wife in Kelowna, where he writes, cooks and indulges in fine wines.

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  1. Hi Lyle, I’ve been a fan of Joanna’s for a couple years. She’s definitely one of the best. You should also check out The Alliance for Independent Authors, of which she’s a founding member, I believe.

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