Getting back to writing after too much Grits, and dodging Gators

I admit, I’ve been away from my writing chair for over two weeks. If anyone has done that you know how it feels to get back to it. It’s hard.

I was way down south, in Charleston South Carolina, and Savannah Georgia. Yes, the food was great, especially the great Grits, and the Gators were very large. I recommend looking before you step up to your golf ball, to ensure one is not watching you. I still have some nightmares over that.

Now, I did try writing while I was done there, and I will say I was highly unsuccessful. The beaches, the bike rides under the living oaks with the Spanish Moss, it all seemed to get in the way.

Well, now back home, time to get back to writing, and it’s a struggle. I started out by doing something that several writers suggested to get “back in the saddle,” so to speak. First start to read again. Read what you just wrote. Read it out loud. Somewhere in there, the thread comes back. It always does.

Then read someones elses work, as Stephen King once said, “You need to read a lot, and then write a lot.” He is absolutely right. Who can fault a man, like Stephen King, who has published so many works – even if some scare the daylights out of you!

The final thing I like to do to get back into writing, is just write. I take a writing pad, and I sit down, and just write and write. I have no idea what comes, but it does. One amazing lady, her name is Gail Bowen, and in her class, she told everyone to “prime the pump,” which meant to keep the well full, and write as often as you can.

So, if you’re like me, and you find yourself a little dry, after a nice vacation, wherever that is, then do these things I’ve mentioned. I’ll be doing all of them. I missed my writing, more than the grits and the gators!

I wish all of you good writing, many downloads, and wonderful reviews.