If this is Paradise – what’s up with the Turkeys!

I was recently on the Big Island of Hawaii. After a long flight from Kelowna, Canada, we arrived there very late at night. Dawn broke, streaming a perfect Hawaiian light through our window – and the sound of Turkeys!

I got up, stared out the balcony window of our Condo, and sure enough, a flock of Turkeys was strutting it’s stuff below our window. Big Tom’s with their plumage full and fanned, just like you see in the Thanksgiving ads, and a series of large hens twirling around like they were at their own little party.

I had expected the call of the usual island doves that make their familiar cooing on Maui and Kauai, and here…here there was the gobble, gobble of Turkeys. This made me wonder, as I met other people at the resort, mostly mainlanders from Canada and the U S A, that referred to this place as Paradise! I heard this several times in the three weeks I was there.

“Paradise has Turkeys!” I said to my wife. It was a strange statement, I know, but it got me to thinking about this idea we call Paradise. I’ve heard this in my own small city of Kelowna, British Columbia. Some of my neighbours called my area Paradise. That was mainly to do with the warm summers, and not too chilly winters.

It seems to me, that every time I’ve heard someone call somewhere Paradise, it’s to do with a place that has warm weather, do we associate a good climate with Paradise? It would seem so – then what about Haiti? It has warm weather, great beaches, but unfortunately a poor economy, and earthquakes, therefore – not paradise? The same would be true for some areas in Mexico suffering from Drug wars – all in wonderful warm climate.

Wikipedia describes Paradise as a religious term in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless. It also describes it as one of contentment. I admit since returning to my home in Kelowna, British Columbia, it’ not about the weather, it’s really just about me, and my contentment. That’s my paradise.

To many people, you can be either in the warmest or the coldest place on earth, and still experience your own piece of Paradise, or your own piece of…well the opposite.

Now that I’m back home, there is snow outside the window…no bright sunshine or island breezes (no Turkeys), and I have my own contentment, and my writing. I hope all of you discover your own personel Paradise…Turkeys optional.