Learning from a Hawaiian historical writer in Kona

I was in Kona, Hawaii recently on vacation, and there was a word I wanted to track down. It sounded like “How-lee,” and was used by Hawaiians to describe white foreigners. Okay, I admit, I learned this from watching Hawaii Five-O. Yes, I admit to watching this, but only when I need to put my brain on pause.

The first person I asked about this word, was an American, living in Kona for the past 7 years. He said the word referred to all whites, and was because the Hawaiians thought the whites were so white, they had an almost “Halo,” around their heads. Thus the word was born. Okay, the guy sold tours, was originally from Portland, and I thought, there must be some better description.

I was lucky enough to run into Boyd Bond, a local historian on the Big Island, whose family goes back seven generations on the island. Boyd cleared up the definition for me. He said that Hawaiians considered their breath sacred. They expelled air before they enter their holy places, and they exchanged breath when greeting one another, a term they call, “honi.”

The word I thought was How-Lee, is actually Haole, and means without breath. The Hawaiian’s thought the Europeans were, “breathless.” I tracked this down on Wikipedia, and one professor, went so far as to say, it implied that foreigners were aloof and ignorant, and had no spirit of life within.

What a difference in two definitions. I hope when I return to Kona, I’ll perhaps meet the person who told me about the “Halo,” and set him straight. As a further acknowledgement, I want to thank Boyd Bond, the very informative historian, who is writing a book of historical fiction. I’m sure with his wealth of knowledge, he will do very well.

Now, as I realize, that the Hawaiians were right, many of the Europeans, perhaps were without breath, and did not realize the spirit within them. After all, they came to the Paradise of Hawaii, and tried to change it into their own. How much more of “without spirit,” could that be?

My non resolutions for 2013, that involve writing, and not taking myself seriously

I Realized today, that we are ten days into this year. Another year, that to me spreads before my like a white canvas or blank page. Many years ago I used to make resolutions, and take all of those resolutions quite seriously.

It was twenty odd years ago, I discovered that if I made goals, depending on where I wanted to be in one year, 5 years or 10 years in the future, I often found that when the future arrived, many of the goals were achieved. Funny thing that, setting something in motion, that when set in motion, would develop into what you wanted.

I have done the same thing with writing. As I wrote in previous blogs, I really could not come up with my next career, and decided to do something I’d always loved, writing, but never made time for.

My goal was to learn to write, I thought that might be more advantages to my readers, and also enjoyable if I was doing. Numerous writing courses later, a library full of how to write the best novel every type of books, and here I am, about to have my first Novella published later this month, a Novel ready to go to proof reading in March, and working on a third Novel.

I sometimes wonder what drives me to do it, and I decided, it is because I don’t take myself seriously. I take my writing seriously, I love to write, but I don’t listen to myself, when that little voice tells me I can’t write, will never be a writer, or just not good enough to be read.

That’s when I have to laugh and smile, and just say, “if you don’t write, you’ll never know if you are a writer, and if you don’t publish, how will anyone else know.”

So I write, and I do have a goal for this year. To publish Dolphin Dreams my fantasy Novella this month, then my Novel Polar Bear Dawn, and then a third Novel by late this year, or early next year. My total overall goal is One Million words in print in the next ten years. I would be 70 years old then. Now that would be a wonderful thing to look back and see some goals that I set out to do get accomplished.

To all those who make goals, I wish your reach all of them in your future.

When you don’t write #Erotica or #YA – what then?

I received a GoodReads note from a friend the other day. I realized most of her picks were Erotica. I think there were several mentions of Fifty shades of whatever. On reading a Blog from an author I follow I noticed that everything they mentioned was for YA. Young Adults rule the reading lists. Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

Where does that leave me? A late-blooming writer finding his genre. Am I too late to the party? Should I be getting out my dictionary of 50 ways to excite your lover or an old Kama Sutra? Which to anyone from the 70’s was the original 50 shades.
Should I be hanging out at the mall, and trying to delve into the depths of the 12 to 16-year-old market. I barely understand the over 50 market, and they move somewhat slower. Although they speak with a slurred speech after multiple cocktails.

No, I have found my own field of writing. I’m calling it Eco-Terrorist Fantasy. I rather doubt if it’s a new title. It’s probably already coined somewhere. Perhaps already studied in University as a make up credit course, or as a parody on YouTube. But there it is.

My first Novella has a fantasy element, and ecological element, and a slight terrorist element to it. It’s called Dolphin Dreams, it will be available from Iguana Books, hopefully at the end of this month or early next, and no Young Adults will invent a new kingdom, and no men or women writhe in ecstasy from some form of sexual pleasure.

I realized some time ago in my writing, although it was late in life, that I have to write what excites me. What evolves around my cerebral cortex. I am sure there are many other writers like me, and reader as well.

If you’re like me, you want your fantasy somewhat grounded, just inside the realms of this planet, but with the edges blurred. I call it writing over the edges. Perhaps that’s a new genre as well – or just new to me.

I wish everyone, no matter what you write or read, a great experience with whatever you writing or reading.