Getting Therapy for success?

I read today, that J.K. Rawlings required therapy to deal with the astounding success of her writing career.  Perhaps some may think that odd, but if you read about her past, the lady was a single mom, living in a bed sit, somewhere in the British Isles.

To go from, what she claimed as living on social assistance, to getting massive cheques for Harry Potter movies, I can imagine to be a massive change in one’s life.  Some might claim, they would love to have the chance to be that famous, and need therapy.  But would you?  She remarks that she goes to shop in disguise, has complained that at one time her phone was tapped, and she is constantly followed by media stalkers. Now, how do you feel?  Still want all that fame?

I believe, all of us want some kind of fame or accolades in our life.  Sure, we’ll deny it, we give the “aw shucks, not me,” comment, and move on.  We want to be noticed, even a little bit.  Seems to be in our nature, to stand out a bit from the crowd.  Maybe it was ingrained in us from our prehistoric times – people who stood out, got fed better, treated better – who knows.

The media now, make it a big deal to be famous, there are back to back television programs about famous people either behaving well, or behaving badly.  We seem to like it more when they behave badly.  Lindsay Lohan – can’t get enough of her, or can’t stand watching her.  No matter what, she occupies the news.  Should she be in therapy for success gone badly?  I really can’t judge that, only she knows what corrections she needs to make – hopefully to keep herself out of jail.

As for therapy to deal with success, sure why not, there is therapy for failure.  There is therapy for just about every bit of angst we feel in this life.  perhaps the best thing that his world needs, is one big hug, and someone to say, “You know, you’ll get through this – you always do.”

As for myself, well still waiting to publish, to then get recognized as either success or failure.  Then I may need some therapy.  Will be calling out to my wife and friends, for that warm hug, as god knows, right now, I can not afford therapy.